EXBC XTRAZ #1: Beasley (house)


So ol’ Mike Beasley asked if I could host a mix for him. It ain’t drum and bass. It ain’t dubstep. ZOMG – its house! Blasphemous you say? Yeah, you would ya jerk.

Don’t expect these random mixes too often but every now and then we’ll throw them out there for you to nibble on. Hell, I even got a clever name for them (XTRAZ!) so I gotta milk it whenever I can. I’m not going to include these mixes in the regular podcast feed so in case you’re subscribed via iTunes you’re not gonna see these badbwoys in your feed automagically simply cuz I don’t feel like dealing with a bunch of hate mail from “purists”.

But in any event, here it is in all its glory…