Expansion Podcast 018 – Hyx, Motaki, Darkenetiks, and Shade


Better late than never, yeah? Our apologies for taking our sweet time to post last Friday’s show archives but here they are in all their wonderful glory. Thanks to that douche bagger we call Darkenetiks for starting out the show. Thanks to the mighty fashionably sensible Hyx for doing his thing and many, many thanks to Motaki for making a smashing debut appearance on EXBC.

And while I”m on the subject of thanking everyone under the sun, thank you Shade for buying a proper mic cord!

Hyx’s very unofficial looking track lilsting

  1. XXX – XXX
  2. The Upbeats – Monsta Mash
  3. Misanthrop – Outsource Rmx
  4. Universal Project – Haunted Dreams
  5. XXX – XXX
  6. C4C – Hit the Lights (i think lol)
  7. XXX- XXX
  8. Ant Miles – The Essence
  9. Audio – Destroyed
  10. Gridlok – Compound Rmx
  11. HYX – XXX
  12. Stakka & Skynet – Clockwork
  13. HYX – XXX
  14. Toni Braxton – Freeway (Matrix Rmx)
  15. Krone – XXX