Greetings New Podcast Listeners

So during last Friday’s show, I was talking real briefly with Ian/Inflictz (check his mix btw) and he says to me Oh I subscribed to your podcast the other day. So I then of course asked him if he got the link off the website (as in this little number you’re reading right now). And he responds with no, I found it by doing a search on drum & bass podcasts in iTunes. Oh, interesting…

I was ecstatic to discover people are finding the podcasts by means other than me plugging the website every opportunity I get. So I hopped online to check my subscription count and according to Feedburner its gone up rather substantially. Yay!

The part I find interesting is that while our numbers during the live broadcast have gone down over the years, our podcasts subscribers have increased dramatically. Needless to say, I’m thrilled! I think this is a true testament to the way consumers as a whole are consuming their media these days (audio, video, or otherwise). I almost equate podcasts to TiVo. Its there wherever and whenever you want it – and it’s dead simple to retrieve thanks to programs like iTunes (or whatever the fuck else Ricky Ricardo uses since he’s such an iTunes hater).

Anyway, with that all said, I just wanted to say “hello and welcome” to all the new subscribers. Chances are you probably don’t even know this website exists since you probably found our podcast through iTunes but in the event you ever do pop along over here, be sure to drop us a comment on one of our posts and/or send us a message directly. We highly value your feedback. Thanks everyone!