New podcast feeds for those genre specific folks out there

Howdy team!

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that I added two need subscription feeds for those of you who perhaps like dubstep but hate drum and bass or love some dnb but find dubstep oh-so-boring. So, instead of just getting the entire podcast feed in iTunes (or via RSS) you can now subscribe to an only-drum-and-bass-feed [via iTunes] [via RSS] or an only-dubstep-feed [via iTunes] [via RSS]. Neither of these new feeds will include any other random genres we decide to throw into the mix like hip hop, downtempo, etc so if you want all that goodness, I suggest you stick with the gimme-it-all feed.

We’ve of course updated our how to listen page with all the details as well. If you think we should create more genre specific feeds, let us know.

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