Oh yeah…

I have some gigs coming up, and I do not like playing to empty floors or people just standing around:

02/10/2008 at Sin @ Modern _DC – big event this night with Black Sun Empire (NL) headlining, and I am playing drum’n’bass alongside Hyx & Houston.
03/08/2008 at Meditations @ Rock & Roll Hotel _DC – drum’n’bass set, think I am opening up for two hours, with Telemetrik and Mayhem both headlining.
03/22/2008 at Expansion Broadcast Allstars @ Shorty’s _Baltimore – you see that? ALLSTARS: IllEffect, Ransom, Ricky Ricardo and Whighzeguy plus guests Eternal and Blanco. We’re starting at 130-ish BPM and ramping it up to 175+ by the end of the night.
04/03/2008 at RADAR @ Shorty’s _Baltimore – breakbeat set at Wickity and Stryder’s new breakbeat-oriented weekly.

That covers all of my upcoming bookings, at least that I know of. I will be down in Miami during the WMC, but doubt I am playing any events and probably only going to make it to one or two anyways. And this may leave some listeners wondering about the other EXBC members… where are they playing in the next month or two? Well:

02/15/2008 at Wickity! Wickity! @ Shorty’s _Baltimore – Hitoi is playing a rare Baltimore appearance.
02/20/2008 at DnB Sessions @ Five _DC – Darkenetiks & Hitoi a.k.a. Dark & Lovely will be opening up for Fabio (Creative Source / Radio One _UK). And it’s 18+ to get in now!

We will update as we get word of more bookings for the crew. Keep checking out the podcasts and coming out to the events we are playing at.