Poll: House music on EXBC?

So within recent years my absolute hatred of house music has dwindled significantly and now I can honestly say there are a lot styles house I genuinely really enjoy. (What can I say, ol’ IllEffect is turning softy on us in his old age)

But, I’m well aware that this show is billed as a drum and bass and dubstep show so I don’t want to alienate a large portion of our audience by widening our offerings even more than we already have. So what do you all think? Leave a comment in the post to supplement your answer if you’d like. This is important and we will listen to what you guys think.


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40 Responses to “Poll: House music on EXBC?”

  1. subfugitive says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with a li’l ol’ house e’ry now and then. I myself enjoy a bit of the house music from time to time in my daily life — funky, deep, broken, fidgety, even a bit o’ the tribal, as long as it’s quality — like you said, though, no prog! :)
    Also, I’m personally not a big fan of electro, but I hear tell the kids these days, they like it.

    That being said, I’m always on the look out for quality d&b mixes of all varieties, so be sure to keep the diversity of heavy bass beats coming fast & thick!

  2. IllEffect says:

    I’m definitely into the Deep and Fidget house stuff. And yep, I can dig on electro as well. The only thing I don’t really care for is the electro-hipster-doofus scene. That shit annoys me.

  3. big tunes says:

    All in. Expansion Housecast! With your host, my nutz!

  4. Charly says:

    It could definitely open up a lot of doors for you guys. I can’t imagine the focus of the show being anything but dnb, though.

  5. IllEffect says:

    At the moment, what I’m thinking I might do provided that people are mostly in favor of house music – is I’ll create a couple more feeds that people can subscribe to that are genre specific.

    So I’ll have the general feed that everyone is currently subscribed to that will include all genres that we feature. Additionally, I’ll have a drum and bass specific feed, a dubstep specific feed, a hip hop/downtempo feed, and a house feed.

    That way, if anyone really hates on house music, they can just subscribe to the specific genre feeds they like instead of the all inclusive feed. Just a thought.

  6. Charly says:

    For what it’s worth, I really like that idea. :-)

  7. Greg says:

    I’m pretty much open to anything every now and again but the focus needs to remain DnB & Dubstep. I see nothing wrong with bringing some unexpected flavor every now and again.
    House, Hip-Hop, Downtemop, Techno, Breaks, Dub, Garage, sure why not. Trance? Sure!! Siiiiike!
    Is there someone specific who would be our House resident?
    BTW, what’s with all those retired residents we have on the site :-)

  8. IllEffect says:

    I don’t have a “house resident” in mind. I was just trying to see if we should open the show up to house DJ guests on occasion. Unless people are really clamoring for it, I never had the intent of putting a house DJ on regularly.

    As for the retirees, I’m slowly migrating them off. I still have to draw Jason/Encryption so I once I draw him I’ll rotate out ol’ Ricardo.

  9. Greg says:

    When was the last time Mike and/or Ali played on the show?

  10. IllEffect says:

    Yeah I know. I think we can pretty much count them as retired as well.

  11. Stepan says:

    I plan on playing 2 hours of house music tomorrow….

    We’ll see how it goes.

  12. Catalyst says:

    Definitely should.

  13. the Big L says:

    Sure – ruin the only place that is untainted by the evil that is house music. Who’s idea was this ? D ??? If you’re gonna have it, then do your podcast on Mondays at 9 am so i dont accidentally tune in and find the latest Britney remix being bebopped all over the internet.

  14. IllEffect says:

    Hey Big L,
    Actually I’m gonna take credit for this one so feel free to blame me if ya must. I have a question though for you – would this affect your listenership? Would you care so long as we provided a new feed for drum and bass, dubstep, and other genres so that you could subscribe to each genre you like individually?

  15. the Big L says:

    Ya know, that sounds like a good idea, but still, I always enjoyed knowing that EXBC was straight up gangsta with the DnB all day. I understand the need to reach more listeners, but it worries me that pulling any focus from the DnB scene will do exactly that.

    Here’s an analogy:

    Subway is a sandwich shop, yet now they sell pizzas.
    Dominoes is a pizza place, yet now they sell sandwiches.
    So where does the consumer go to get what they want ?
    It doesnt matter anymore b/c those companies sold out just for more customers.

  16. IllEffect says:

    I’m amused by your food analogy.

    And I don’t want anyone to take this the wrong way. Even if 100% of the people say yes yes yes, I’m still not planning on featuring house music real often. My thinking was maybe once every couple of months.

    And yes, EXBC is str8 gangsta shit.

  17. subfugitive says:

    I actually think hosting a house set e’ery once in a while would only serve to promote d&b to those who haven’t heard much of it yet and are (bi)curious (sorry, couldn’t resist the lingual opportunity).
    I mean, a lot of the likwit variety of d&b is very house-ears friendly — and you can hear quite a bit of the ‘pansy d&b’ on EXBC.

    Anyway, simply put, reach out — get newbies hooked on your site/podcast — get newbies listening to d&b — expand the scene — dominate the globe.
    Simple as.


  18. subfugitive says:

    Oh, and I forgot, dominating the globe is some *illa* gangsta shit.

  19. Stepan says:

    Some very convincing and amusing thoughts.

  20. big tunes says:

    Its not like dnb and dubstep originated out of the fucking anus of God. It all came from house. It’s also not like letting a house set come on once in a while is going to allow an influx of house djs to take over your drum & bass time. All of your arguments sound a little to me like “keep this race out of our restaurant. If you let one in, next thing you know, this whole place is going to be crawling with XXXX” pffft. grow up.

    I seem to recall a similar type of debate in the past, when Dubstep was a new thing. I think some people have some preconcieved notions as to what house represents, forgetting the fact that it is all MUSIC.


  21. big tunes says:

    maybe my post came off as a bit aggressive. i just really dislike how close minded people can be about crossing genres. It’s not my show, so its not my say, but arguments like “keeping it untainted” are ridiculous.

  22. Dan Amitai says:

    Keep house off of this podcast! I like the focus on dnb and dubstep. If I want to hear house I’ll go to one of the many other local internet radio shows that play house.

  23. Harry Ransom says:

    Probably doesn’t help when residents are fans of multiple genres and start messing with new tempos and structures.

    Like me :E

  24. Ravi says:

    I think it would be great for the site/podcast. Agree with Mr.illEffect about the electro hipster stuff.

  25. IllEffect says:

    Well just to be clear, I like the electro hipster music. I just don’t like the scene that surrounds it.

  26. Robb says:

    Just keep it somewhat intelligent…

  27. EXBC is whack anyway! but seeeeriously just because we’ve fallen off the face of the earth doesn’t mean we’re not down anymore… however if you need to clear room on the roster for others go for it.

    never would i turn down an invite to play. christ we even played dubstep a couple months ago and had fun doing it.

    that being said – i can promise ali would vote yes for house. me, sure…why not. i can dig it.

  28. Consumedbyweddingcraptoi says:

    I’ll respond next week when I’m not being a typical PMS-y female.

  29. houston says:

    I play electro.
    This could work.
    I <3 my mix electro / dnb mix from your show.
    Move on it from time to time but keep it DNB & Dub Step for the heads.
    I would love to come out and do another Electro night. :D

  30. IllEffect says:

    It is a big mix :)

  31. Deinfamous says:

    Sure why not? Its better than dubstep. Hahaha

  32. IllEffect says:

    Deinfamous is a jerk. Btw D, I know you subscribe via iTunes so if you want just the drum and bass mixes and no dubstep (or anything else) you should subscribe to this feed: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=303656243

  33. Finn says:

    man i’m loving expansion (especially deinfamous, illefect and whighzeguy, tight sets). When i first started listening to expansion it was all and only about dnb, and after listening to whighzeguy and rickyricardo sets i started to really get into the dubstep scene.

    My point is expansion is so good with its main focus on dnb and dub (which compliment each other) i feel you would be diluting the quality by adding house.

    But i cant complain i subscribe through itunes and i cant big expansion up enough.

  34. Finn says:

    man i’m loving expansion (especially deinfamous, illeffect and whighzeguy, tight sets). When i first started listening to expansion it was all and only about dnb, and after listening to whighzeguy and rickyricardo sets i started to really get into the dubstep scene.

    My point is expansion is so good with its main focus on dnb and dub (which compliment each other) i feel you would be diluting the quality by adding house.

    But i cant complain i subscribe through itunes and i cant big expansion up enough.

  35. IllEffect says:

    Thanks Finn! Really kind of you to say.

  36. menace703 says:

    I say if you get some house mixes on here.. try and not put electro mixes again, pretty irritating music I think. Also no vocal house.. f dat

  37. alset says:

    I’m a fan of various breeds of house and electro. I tune in here for my dnb / dub fix. I think the stream should continue to focus on its core rather than expand styles. FWIW, I was seduced away from a competing stream that I’d tuned into daily for about four years and I like it here. That you’re polling listeners also says a lot about the character of those behind the decks / notebooks. Thanks for bringing it!

  38. IllEffect says:

    Thanks for input Alset. You’ll be happy to know we’ve pretty much settled on the dnb/dubstep thing.