A tenured DC drum and bass veteran, Deinfamous needs no introduction. With over 9 years under his belt, Deinfamous continues to dominate dance floors, radio shows, and bedrooms with his precise combination of tight mixing, wicked selection, and big hands. Not only does he bring the music, life, and vibe to the party, he has experience throwing them (Volume and BOH).

Well-known amongst his compatriots as “The Blackest,” his sets are known to drive hard and heavy mixes w/ the latest tunes. Currently working on music production in between his busy DJing schedule, Deinfamous enjoys spinning anything from liquid funk, to jump up, to dark/hard tracks. He’s also a regular devotee to dubstep and techno, and spins a variety of styles beyond drum & bass, too. Whether Deinfamous is tag teaming or flying solo, he is what every drum and bass lover craves.