Hitoi (Retired) Retired

Got Soul? Chances are you have witnessed Hitoi taking the DC/Baltimore drum and bass scene by storm.

Hitoi’s flavor of dnb is strongly influenced by her house background with groovy melodies and catchy basslines. Favoring labels such as Hospital and Commercial Suicide and artists including Commix and Artificial Intelligence, her unique sound turning heads locally and beyond.

Intelligent track selection and undetectable liquid mixing have earned her two first place wins at Alias as well as residency with the drum and bass heavyweights at Expansion Broadcast. Her liquid blend of jungle has also been featured at other prestigious parties such Transit @ Bridges, Tonic @ The Blue Room, Mind Control @ Japone and Shorty’s.

Hitoi is one of the most beloved members of EXBC. Her contributions to both EXBC and the Washington, DC drum & bass culture cannot be overstated. However, such as many of us reach that certain point in our lives, Ali/Hitoi has decided to hang up the DJ life to pursue other passions. We wish her the best in all her future endevours.

– Eric/IllEffect