Brandon Riggs, IllEffect, and some douche-wad I’ve never heard of this Friday

Actually I lie, I have heard of Lee Burridge but only through Hitoi who is a closet “prog” fanatic. But I honestly have no idea who “Audiofly” is. Soo… yeah. There.

But anyway, Brandon Riggs and I are gonna do up some serious… action? Him and I plan to go back to back all night form 10 o’clock to close doing half hour rotations. Brandon and I tend to play a very similar style so this should work nicely. Perhaps you could even dub us “B-FECT” (just don’t tell D!).

Flier for Brandon Riggs and IllEffect at Buzz, Friday November 2nd, 2007

If you wanna get down for the reduced list, send me a message via our contact page with your full name as it appears on your ID and I’ll pass the info along.