Podcast 210: CJ Weaver Drum & Bass


Track List

  1. Morphy- Samsara (Linden Remix) (Nerve)
  2. Kasra- White Noise
  3. CJ Weaver- Octopus
  4. Eastcolors- Home
  5. Mindmapper & Fre4knc- Heliocentric
  6. CJ Weaver- Saint
  7. Icicle- Lost Hours (Critical)
  8. Proxima- Clear for Launch (Crunch)
  9. S.P.Y.- Moon Patrol (MetalHeadz)
  10. Break- Headz Up (MetalHeadz)
  11. Gremlinz & LaVice- Robberbaron Remix
  12. Morphy- Swamp Trail
  13. Morphy & Nine Tails Fox- Disco (Tech:Noir dub)
  14. Noah D & Focus- Water Song (Resolute)
  15. Icicle- Time (Shogun)
  16. Naibu- Urban Sprawl (Creative Source)
  17. CJ Weaver- Abyss (Tech:Noir dub)
  18. Martsman- Step Up Berlin (Hotshore)
  19. CJ Weaver- Golden
  20. Edward Oberon- La Vacca (Soundtrax)
  21. Flatliners- Since You (Break-Fast Audio dub)
  22. Molecular Structures, Euphorics & Prozoo- Holiday
  23. Double 0- Journey

A relative newcomer to the scene, CJ Weaver has been consistently pumping out drum & bass tunes on the deeper and more experimental tip. This Washington DC based producer has lined up a fair amount of releases for 2010 on several well respected labels such as Tech:Noir, Buried Audio, Influenza Minus, and many more. By patching together his diverse influences and recording virtually everything he hears around him, he has developed a significant back catalogue, covering a wide variety of music styles from ethnic halftime stompers and minimal dub all the way to dancefloor filling rollers, and everything in between.

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