Podcast 296: Top Dubstep/Bass Tunes of 2010 Dubstep/Bass/Future Garage


Sorry folks. We had to take the post down temporarily cuz the m4a file was messed up. Should be fixed now!

Rounding out the year, we’re presenting some of our favorite dubstep, bass music, future garage, and whatever-the-f-you-wanna-call-it music of 2010. Once again we’re pleased to have special guest contributors SGNL and my dear wifey Hyun. From the EXBC camp, contributors for this year include me (Erictronica), Refugee, Dave J, Harry Ransom, and Encryption. Whighzeguy unfortunately has a bit too much going on right now so he’s on a brief hiatus but will be back in action within a few months. We’ve included everyone’s top 5’s below the break but be sure to check out the audio download. If your player doesn’t support the enhanced audio version, you can grab the plain ol’ mp3 version of our dubstep/bass music top 5’s of 2010.

Also, if you happened to miss our top drum and bass tunes of 2010, be sure to hit the link so you don’t miss them.

Once again, thanks to all the listeners, supports, DJ’s, hosts, and the like for everything you’ve done to support Expansion Broadcast in your own way. We love you all to pieces and really couldn’t do it without all of you! Cheers and happy new year!

Erictronica Top 5’s

5. Roska, Jaime George – Love 2 Nite
4. Boddika – Boddika’s House
3. Instra:mental – Voyeur
2. SGNL, Robert Manos – Say Something
1. Ramadanman – Work It

Dave J Top 5’s

5. Afghan Headspin – Cocaine (Gella’s Drifting Mix)
4. David Starfire – Cobra (Sub Swara Remix)
3. Black Sun Empire – Brommer
2. Emika – Drop the Other
1. Vaccine – Fever (Kito Remix)

SGNL Top 5’s

5. Mount Kimbie – Maybes (James Blake Remix)
4. SGNL – Cold Steel
3. L-ow – Diver
2. DJG – Escape Pod
1. Actraiser – Secrets of Pandora

Hyun Top 5’s

5. Scuba – Before (Deadboy Remix)
4. Magnetic Man – Flying into Tokyo
3. Flinch – Midnight Hustle (SPL Remix)
2 Jimmy Edgar – Turn You Inside Out
1. Matt U & Madd – Running Man

Refugee Top 5’s

5. Scuba-Three Sided Shape
4. Benny Ill Vs. J.King-Kosmic
3. Gil Scott Heron & Jamie XX-New York Is Killing Me
2. Submotion Orchestra-Sunshine
1. James Blake-Limit To Your Love

Harry Ransom Top 5’s

5. Subscape – Midnight
4. Guido – Orchestral Lab
3. Icicle – Anything
2. Redlight – MDMA
1. Sully – In Some Pattern

Encryption Top 5’s

5. Bulletproof – Soundtrack To Forever
4. Triage – Pitbull
3. Kryptic Minds – Chosen Few
2. Borgore – Ice Cream (Claw VIP)
1. De Niro – Night Shift
Bonus: 68 – Vandera (Remix)

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