Podcast 490: Deinfamous Drum & Bass


Track List

  1. Piro & Proxima- Blue Dog- Brrrap! Records
  2. Break & Silent Witness- Visions of the future- DNA Audio
  3. BTK- Drop It(Optiv rmx)- Dutty Audio
  4. Audio & Insideinfo- Recluse- Virus
  5. Enei- Stonehead VIP- Critical
  6. Spinline- Run- RAM
  7. Ulterior Motive- Featherweight- Subtitles
  8. Black Moon- How Many Emcees(Kjell bootleg)- No release
  9. Optiv & BTK- Cantilever
  10. Ulterior Motive & FD- Drum Circle- Subtitles
  11. Rockwell- Constantcomplexrhythmicsound- Shogun
  12. Sonic- In The Vortex- Hospital
  13. The Sect- Cybermen(Break rmx)- KSS Black
  14. Enei & DRS- Count to ten- Soul:R
  15. Ulterior Motive & Krakota- Minesweeper- Subtitles
  16. Jonny L- Uneasy- XL
  17. Spectrasoul feat. Terri Walker- Light In the Dark- Shogun Audio
  18. Shimah- Shadow of the Bat- Playaz
  19. Enei- Trainchaser- Critical
  20. Hybris- Of Two Minds- Vision
  21. War- Rafale- DSCI4
  22. Theory- Final Confrontation- Transmission
  23. Dub Phizix feat Fox- Never Been- Critical
  24. Stranjah- Prominence- DSCI4
  25. A.I. & Command Strange- Broken Ground- Metalheadz Platinum
  26. Total Science- Dramaz- Clear Skyz
  27. Origin Unknown- Lunar Bass(Commix rmx)
  28. Wickaman & RV- Sound Clash- ProgRAM
  29. Sub Zero- Clash- Playaz
  30. Danny Byrd feat. General Levy- Blaze the Fire(Stray rmx)- Hospital
  31. Dose- Reason Being- Samurai Music
  32. Manix- Hardcore Junglism- Reinforced
  33. Vicious Circle- Havana- Digital Soundbwoy
  34. Epidemix- Jungle Ting- Titan
  35. Wickaman, Mavrik & Hoodlum- Na Fool Me Again- Playaz
  36. A Sides- One DJ VIP- No release
  37. Critical Impact- Chinese Burns- Clear Skyz
  38. Calyx & Teebee- Elevate This Sound- RAM
  39. Original Sin- Soul Food- Playaz
  40. Jaydan- Element- Innerground
  41. Original Sin & Taxman- Casino(Original Sin VIP)- Playaz
  42. Mugabe- Humanoids- Zombie
  43. Majistrate- IT- Low Down Deep
  44. BKey & Smyla- Temptress- Mute:8 Recordings

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  • kinetiks

    This mix is just wicked. Featherweight -> How Many Emcees (Kjell bootleg) -> Cantilever = fuckin’ sick! Simply cannot go wrong with a Black Moon / Boot Camp remix.

  • Cenk

    Best mix on Expansion to date. Keep up the good work!!