Podcast 697: Refugee Trap, Hip Hop, Juke, Drum & Bass



Track List

  1. Jon Wayne-Gold and Silver
  2. Pusha T feat. Jay Z-Drug Dealers Anonymous
  3. Aztek-Conch
  4. Aztek-Bailey
  5. Restless Leg Syndrome-Hammasichanimmada
  6. Freddie Gibbs-Fuckin’ Up The Count
  7. Schoolboy Q feat. SZA-Neva CHange
  8. Peter Williams-Whoa Man
  9. Stayhigh-Never Forget VIP
  10. Stayhigh-You’re Not Alone
  11. BSN Posse-#UOAI (Brighter Dayz Tribute)
  12. Minoo-All The World (Pixelord Remix)
  13. Eprom-Rok U
  14. TMSV-Rolla
  15. Was a be-Ten Years
  16. Fracture feat. Spinn & Taso-Acid Claps
  17. Eazy E-Real Motherfuckin’ Gs
  18. Schoolboy Q feat. E 40-Dope Dealer
  19. Vince Staples-Blue Suede
  20. Ivy Lab-Spooky Dub
  21. Mono/Poly-The Fuckin’ Real
  22. Aplot-Lifetime
  23. Atmos T-Closer
  24. Hydro & War-Film Noir
  25. Alix Perez-Stnkr
  26. Fracture & Deft-I Just
  27. Kendrick Lamar-Black Friday


  • yo refugee for the past two years since I heard of expansion B I’ve been a fan of your work for real. You always bring the fire. Big up yaself!!!