Podcast 231: Two Beans


Two Beans (aka DJ.2B) was gracious enough to record a nice studio dubstep mix for us. The track list is below and you can find out more about Two Beans after the break.

6Blocc – How You Like Me Now
Soroka – Phenomenon
Optimus Gryme – Surreal
Piper Davis – The World (Mark Instinct Remix)
Floetry – Say Yes (Distinction Remix)
Excision & Datsik – Boom
Flow Dan w/ The Bug – Run
Ramadanman – Dayrider
Slack-T – Brighter Future (Slackfull Mix)
Root – Linux Dub
M-theory – Hold Me In Your Arms
STAGGA Ft. Skamma – Sick As Sin
Killer Mike – 2 Sides (MRK1 remix)
Distance – Headstrung
Boxcutter – Bad You Do (Halfstep)
6Blocc – Talk Too Loud (Feat. K’LIN)
Addison Groove – Footcrab
Amanda Blank – Something Bigger, Something Better
Benga – Go Tell Them
AC Slater – Calm Down
Roska – Squark
Crissy Chris – Soap Dodger
Cookie Monsta – Change your Heart
Two Beans – Foregone Destruction (Skaarj Assault Remix)

Born in Kalamazoo MI, directly between the birthplaces of House and Techno, Two Beans has always had a passion for music. With tastes ranging from underground hip-hop, various forms of electronic music, to the utterly bizarre and arguably unlistenable and almost everything in-between and beyond he’s gathered quite a library of sounds…and he’s not afraid to use them.

An Ordained Minister of the Church of the SubGenius (http://www.subgenius.com), a “parody religion”, he has received his Doktorate of the Forbidden Sciences. He started producing his own brand of “anti-music” as many within the church do in the search for Slack. Eventually, his sound wanderlust led him into Psychedelic Trance and Goa. Having no raves with this music to go to, he decided to throw his own at the annual SubGenius X-Day “End of the World” festivals, becoming the resident dance party DJ to the Escape Vessels of the Sex Goddesses.

Eventually Two Beans started to drift away from Psytrance. Seeking a new sound to brandish he discovered Dubstep while meandering around internet radio streams. From that point on he was hooked like a ‘frop fiend to the dark sounds and mutated beats that poured into his earholes. It was also at this time that He moved to the DC Metro area for greener pastures. Once he had gotten the hang of spinning sets of Dubstep for his cultist counterculture, he stepped out into the world of the “normals” ready to do what any decent religious zealot would do in a packed crowd of unsaved heathens….bring the BOOM.

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This mix starts to get super big around the 30 minute mark. Really nice selection!

Church air GOOD!

Looking forward to July. Trying to figure out a way to make it there.

Peace, Love, and Slack!

Enjoying the tunes as always!


Large mix, sir. Looking forward to spinnin’ witcha when we welcome in the saucers.

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