The love affair with EDM started in the summer of 2000 at Fort Armistead Park in Baltimore at the legendary Starscape Festival. Originally, a big fan of Trance and Progressive House the transition to Drum N Bass happened rapidly after attending huge raves at Nation and The Edge in Washington, D.C. After about a year of partying, Whighzeguy’s friend and mentor Patrick Francis (RIP) bought some belt drive turntables and a shitty mixer from Tower Records. After learning to mix and countless train wrecks he got his first booking in the spring of 2002 at PollyEsther’s in Rockville. From there he decided to take a stab at throwing his own events and Kind Bass Inc. was born. The first promotional effort for Kind Bass Inc. took place in Gaithersburg, MD at Summit Station. DJ’s such as IllEffect, Bobby Jae, Jesse Tittsworth, and Brian Arsenault graced the decks. After realizing that the burbs were a difficult place to promote, the party moved to Bethesda, MD, just outside of D.C. Things went very well as the Player’s Ball weekly went strong for over a year before calling it quits. Luis Becerra (Bassmachine) and Erik Hilderbrandt (Direct Logic) also played a major role in the success of The Player’s Ball.

Currently Kind Bass Inc. consists of Bassmachine, Blanco, & Whighzeguy. Blanco and Whighzeguy, old college buddies from The University of Maryland, teamed up in 2005 when these two Liquid Funkstas realized they had great chemistry on the decks. In 2006, Kind Bass Inc. attempted to throw a Drum N Bass monthly called Rapid Ascension in Baltimore. After four parties, they quickly realized how difficult promoting in Baltimore can be and called it quits. As far as Whighzeguy’s DJ’ing highlights are concerned, he has played along side of acts like Dom & Roland, Aphrodite, Makoto, Tech Itch, Dylan, & Silver. He has also been fortunate enough to play at some of D.C. & Baltimore’s greatest venues such as Nation, Five, The Edge, Sonar, 2K9, & Up. The highlight of his DJ’ing career was being booked for a Drum N Bass massive (Earthquake 2) in the summer of 2006 in Puerto Rico when he and Blanco played before a huge crowd along side Dom & Roland and Silver. Late in 2006 Whighzeguy was exposed to Dubstep thanks to Ricky Ricardo and a co-worker named Dave McCombe. After toying around with mixing for a couple months, he quickly had the urge to throw a Dubstep event. With the assistance of Signal, Ricky Ricardo, Dave McCombe, and MC Shawn Lucas D.C. Dubstep was born and the first Shockout event, and first all Dubstep party was thrown in D.C. at Mezza Luna in Northwest. After two parties at Mezza Luna, the crew moved to Steve’s Bar Room where the ((BASS)) blew everyone away. The series of Dubstep parties featured the likes of Joe Nice, Dave Q, Ricky Ricardo, Barrio Brothers, Mob Barley, Wicked Sway, and Signal. In the fall of 2007, Ricky Ricardo and Whighzeguy teamed up with the Expansion Broadcast crew and started EXBC Dubcast, and here we are.

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